POLUGAR №5 (Horseradish)

POLUGAR №5 (Horseradish)

Produced from rye and wheat grain mash by classic method of the XIX century in the Russian traditional copper pot still. During third distillation we add the fresh horseradish. This insures the unusual and distinctive taste and flavor of Horseradish Polugar. Prolonged purification by birch charcoal.

Aromafresh horseradish leaves, grassy, spicy, with bread  

Taste: bright, fresh and acute. You feel the notes of horseradish, spices, and fresh grass.

Finishrefreshing, long-lasting, fresh horseradish, herbaceous 

Recommendations: Surprising. Fresh. Good for sipping as well as mixing in cocktails. Enjoy this kind of traditional Russian aperitif.