Is hand made in the private distillery “Rodionov and Sons” by a triple distillation of buckwheat grain mash in a copper alembic. We are using the unique artisanal cleaning technology with fresh egg whites that was popular in the wealthy Russian aristocratic estates of the XVIII century along with purifying by birch charcoal.

Taste: clean soft grains taste, comprehensively sweet with light notes of buckwheat porridge, homemade pastries, field cereals and grass, buckwheat honey, straw, bran and warm bread crumb. 

Aroma: set of culinary herbs, dill, fennel, restrained anise notes, brine of pickled cucumbers, pastry notes, lollipops and candy, restrained notes of cereal, raw earth, herbs, rotten leaves, wormwood.

Finish: spice and herbal freshness

Recommendations: A perfect compliment with any traditional Russian dishes and international cuisine also excellent for using in cocktails.