Hand made by the private distillery “Rodionov and Sons” by a triple distillation of mash of barley grain in a copper alembic. We are using a unique artisanal cleaning technology with fresh egg whites that was used in the wealthy Russian aristocratic estates of the XVIII century along with clearing birch charcoal.

Aromalight sweetness, barley malt, cereal, dry tree, confectionery flavors, caramel, lollipops, candy, grass, foliage, fruit tone, peach, cantaloupe, caraway notes, Riga and molasses bread, cold tea brew, dried fruits.

Taste: Soft, rich, warm, sweet and cozy, discreet, spring barley loaf, hazelnuts, light bitterness, steamed grain, breads, cereals, culinary herbs, Heather honey, ripe fruit, wild herbs, stack of straw, homemade cakes, germinating barley, bran and warm crumb of the barley loaf.

Finish: Long, tart, with a slight bitterness. 

A perfect compliment with any traditional Russian dishes and international cuisine also excellent for using in cocktails.