POLUGAR №3 (Caraway)

POLUGAR №3 (Caraway)

Produced using the classic recipe for 19th-century Russian upper-class vodkas. This beverage is based on a rye distillate with caraway and coriander added before the third distilling, giving it the very familiar taste of the beloved Borodinsky bread.

Aroma: rich bouquet of Borodinsky bread, spiced and dense. Dry grass, abundant caraway, coriander, dried dill, dried spices, wild flowers, cut grass, warm rye bread, milk tone, tone of vegetable oil and butter, cultured milk, prune notes, mulberry echoes, acacia, black pepper, dough, hint of citrus peel.

Taste: refreshing, open, soft, complex, balanced, gourmet, tender, embracing, even, bright, slightly sweet, elegant. Borodinsky and Riga bread, caraway, butter, rye crust, dill, honey notes, acacia honey, milk, coriander, spices, string beans.

Aftertaste: slightly sweet. Dark bread crust, rye bread on a predominantly caraway background, tone of dill and coriander, citrus notes.

Recommendations: pleasant freshness, very drinkable. Never boring. Goes well with sauerkraut, lightly salted spiced fish, salmon with herbs, Atlantic salmon, smoked fish, pickled herring, and is a good accompaniment to duck and Borodinsky, Riga, Darnitsky or black bread with butter or lard. Good with a cigar soaked in port wine. Also excellent as an aperitif or digestif. Cool slightly before serving.