POLUGAR №2 (Garlic & Pepper)

POLUGAR №2 (Garlic & Pepper)

The technology of Polugar №2 Garlic and Pepper is fully consistent with the 19th-century recipe, where garlic and pepper were infused with the traditional Russian Polugar standard grain distillate. When this technology is used, natural essential oils from the garlic and pepper are gently transferred to the grain distillate of rye and wheat, while retaining their original intense aroma and unique burning taste. 

A limited numbered series of bottles of Polugar №2 has been released. Selected Russian rye and wheat are used to make a home brew, which is then triple-distilled in a copper pot still recreated from old drawings. The precious distillate then undergoes refining with birch charcoal and is infused with selected garlic and hot pepper.  

It will satisfy all connoisseurs of national Russian and Ukrainian cuisine and will be an excellent accompaniment to any meal.

Aroma: bright aroma of baked garlic and hot pepper.

Taste: warming and saturated taste of baked garlic, warm taste of hot pepper, wheat and rye bread.

Aftertaste: prolonged aftertaste with notes of garlic, spices and lard and with slight nuances of grains and bread. 

Recommendations: dressed herring, rasstegai, barrel pickles, vinegret salad, stewed lamb with plums, borscht, bouillons, meat or fish pies, bliny with caviar, pot roast, salt-cured foods, lard with garlic, smoked foods, pelmeni, okroshka.