«Krivatch 61» is the new symbol of the national pride, it is strong, robust, masculine, tasty, rich in bread aroma, attractive and truly Russian premium distillate.

Today «Krivatch 61» is the most special and provocative strong alcohol drink in Russia. It was born to surprise by its strength of 61% vol., unbeaten bread taste and aroma, the top quality and innovative bottle design. 

«Krivatch 61» is not a vodka, but a meticulously reconstructed home-born Russian rye malt distillate that so far has never been sold neither in Russia nor elsewhere in the world. «Krivatch 61» makes a real revolution in the Russian alcohol market and starts a new period in Russian national alcohol production by setting a new level of quality and taste. To achieve its distinct flavor, it is processed in alembics, originally reconstructed copper pot stills and is purified with egg white and birch charcoal. It is produced in the old distillery. Today this forgotten technology is absolutely innovative for Russian alcohol production. 

Aroma: cool grain notes and bright aroma of warm home baking, notes of red apple, yellow plum and meadow grasses.

Taste: powerful, masculine, warming, with notes of hot rye bread crust, crackers and saturated bread tone.

Aftertaste: with notes of grain, hot rye bread, meadow and field grasses, warm home baking.

Recommendations: an accompaniment for any cuisine and as an aperitif. Can be served with a glass of still mineral water or on the rocks. Can be enjoyed with a cigar.